Our Philosophy

What We Do

Children learn best when they are happy.  They learn through playing, interacting with adults and with each other.  In fact, a child’s work is play as they grow toward independence and self-respect.

Our teachers are warm and friendly.  They are dedicated, experienced early-childhood educators who have professional skills.  The teachers understand and are responsive to the individual need of each child.  The teachers provide stimulating, interesting activities, which lead to later school readiness and success.

Our space is clean, safe, secure, inviting, comfortable, and child friendly.  There is easy access to age-appropriate toys and books.  Children’s creations are proudly displayed for all to enjoy.  The playground invites fresh air, fun, and healthy exercise under the watchful eyes of staff.

Hugs are frequent.  Lunches are brought from home and are reminders of family and caring.  Afternoon naps are restoring.  Periodic snacks keep young appetites content.  Nurturing is abundant.  Joy is encouraged.

What We Know

Children need to know how to read and write, and how to learn.

Children need to learn respect for themselves and for other people, and that every human being has value and dignity.

Children need to know that learning is fun; they need to let their imaginations and curiosity soar, to explore their own skills and talents.  They need to learn new things every day, expanding horizons, opening minds.

Children need to know love and learn kindness.

What We Teach – Our Curriculum

Sensorimotor Play – running, sliding, swinging, throwing balls, etc.

Dramatic Play – make-believe or fantasy play

Construction Play – creating with materials, drawing and painting, building with blocks

Language Development – reading readiness beyond ABCs, stages of writing

Science – understanding their world, learning basic science concepts

Math –  counting, sorting, graphing, measuring, problem-solving and self-help

Creativity – exploring and discovering, decision-making and self-confidence

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